I like creating things that help people

If you are looking for a freelancer who can help you achieve your business goals and increase your online revenue, I would love to help you. I specialise in creating compelling brand identities which are represented through highly-converting websites. I'm a designer/developer whose well equipped to take on full-stack responsibilities. I value customer service above all else and my clients are highly important to me.

My story

I've always had an obsession with creating things! When I was 15 I published my first website by watching YouTube videos and taking online courses. I admit that when I started developing, I was pretty awful, but I persevered every day and began to learn so much. I later studied Computer Science at A-Level and became more and more interested in the logic and mathematical side of development. Interestingly, my mother was a programmer for US airforce and my grandfather was an artist who taught me how to draw.

I recently moved to Malta where I have decided to start freelancing full-time. I've accumulated a large portfolio over the last five years and I now focus on one goal with my projects: how can I increase this businesses' earnings using my tools?

I offer a number of services such as logo creation, branding, web design UX mock ups, responsive web development solutions, content writing and video editing. What sets me apart from my competition is the importance I hold for customer service. If my clients have a question — no matter how small — I will go out of my way to help them. If they want some guidance with WordPress or their business strategies, I will offer to consult them and help them achieve their immediate goals. I'm very patient and friendly and I'm proud to say that I've never had a client whose been ultimately unhappy with the service they received.

In the distant future, I aspire to teach people about web design, programming and marketing; and to pursue my other hobbies of history and ancient languages. For now, I just want to continue working with more and more awesome people and businesses, watching them grow year on year.

Jason Baldacchino WordPress developer


  • Development: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
  • Design Skills: Bootstrap 4, Illustrator, Photoshop, Wacom Drawing, Final Cut Pro
  • Years Experience: 5
  • Location: Malta
  • Nationality: British / Maltese / American
  • Hobbies: History, Ancient Languages, Movies, Gaming
  • Favourite Colour: Dark Purple
  • Favourite Movie: Gladiator
  • Favourite Crypto: Hydro