The GDPR is here!

Recent social developments have lead to an increased importance being held on how companies retain and look after their customer's personal data. In an effort to provide transparency and fully abide by the new GDPR laws, here's my privacy policy which contains the steps I take to keep my clients info safe.

Privacy Policy


Cookies are little text documents which are created when a person visits a website. They can be either essential or non-essential and are usually used to help the website stay user-friendly. I use Google Analytics on to track visitor counts so I can optimise my content for my users. I also use Contact Form 7 to give my visitors an easy way to contact me. All emails sent through Contact Form 7 are recieved on my secured G Suite address, I backup my emails regularly and change my account password monthly.

Client Data

I take single hand responsibility for ensuring the personal information my clients provide to me stays in my hands and my hands only. I keep all information recieved on local databases, regularly backuped on an external hard-drive. I use various security measures such as SSL Certificates, Two-Factor Authentication and Database Backups to ensure my client's websites are not exposed, and the data contained on them is not stolen or lost.

Working chiefly with the third party service provider NameCheap (for hosting and domains), I often use their Live Support feature to gain assistance in my projects. Live Support may require WordPress login information to diagnose issues. In these cases, I change the passwords upon the chat terminating.