jasonbaldacchino.com service T & C's

Web design is a competitive industry and as a freelancer working generally independently, I strive to make my service unique and rewarding for my clients. On this page you can find my Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

General Approach

  • For general website design & development projects I am not limited to, but will generally employ the following steps: Upon quote acceptance/signoff, initiation payment is processed to start the project. As required by the project, I will hold a Scoping Call to discuss the requirements in detail. I take 50% of the total project cost up front as a deposit, and the remaining 50% prior to launch.

  • Once I have, or have created the brand details such as logo, images, branding materials etc, I will have a mock-up for the client to review within 10 working days.

  • The client can review the design and suggest improvements accordingly. Depending upon the project, generally up to 3 to 5 design modifications can be done within the given estimates.

  • Once design is finalised & approved, I’ll proceed with the HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery local development. At this stage I’ll generally need around 3 weeks.

  • Once local development is done, I will setup the clients website on the WordPress CMS. I will continually ask for content and tweaks throughout the development stage, and the agreed mock-ups are intended as a guide and can be deviated from, however deviations will be shown to the client.

  • Depending upon the time and resources allocated to the project, I’ll transfer as much content as possible from the old website to the new website.

  • Once the site is ready from my end, I’ll generally hand it over to the client for further review, test and/or to upload/change contents as necessary.

  • Kindly note, there are limited man-hours allocated on the project. The estimates for all websites under $5000 are based on an assumption that projects will to be completed over five to seven working weeks depending upon the size of your project. Any further delays may increase the project management costs. If the client does not believe the project to be completed within this time frame, they are asked to let me know prior to starting the project.

  • Also, generally speaking, going-back and forth takes a lot of time. I encourage the client to provide all necessary details, at the start of the project to ensure that my time is efficiently utilised on the client’s project. The client will be kept updated via emails and/or telephone calls as the project demands. However, the client should not hesitate to contact me any time they require a project status. Also, they should always keep me updated with their relevant email addresses/contact details.

  • Once the website/application has been made live on the client’s domain, it is their responsibility to take regular full back-ups and to update all components and third party softwares. I help clients to do this for the first few times, but I cannot spend too long with this.

  • I consider myself to be very flexible and adaptable and approach all requests with an open attitude. If the clients require something changed, they should feel free to discuss it with me.


  • All prices are quoted in Euros unless otherwise specified.

  • All invoices are to be processed as per the schedule via your preferred method of payment.

  • There is a surcharge charged for payments made via PayPal to account for payment fees. Milestone payments must be made within 5 working days of each milestone/schedule, unless mutually agreed otherwise. Final payment must be made prior to website/application/project going live.

  • Receipt of payment is deemed as acceptance of the quote, milestone, delivery, project and terms & conditions.

  • I reserve the right to negotiate and refund appropriate portion of the amount paid by customer towards the requested service. If you cancel your order after making the payment, but the work has not commenced, I will refund 75% of the payment that you have already made. If the order is cancelled after the commencement of work, the maximum refund or charge will be 50% of the invoice. There will be no refund or adjustments if cancellation is called when more than 50% of the work has been completed. All cancellations must be received in writing and can be sent via regular email.

  • For minor or once-off works, payments need to be made either in advance or as per the terms mentioned in the invoice/proposal. If you require any changes to the terms, you must inform me in writing (emails accepted) within two working days of the receipt of the same.

  • Late fees and charges: All outstanding invoices will incur a late payment fee of 10% of the pending amount per month, from the due date.

  • Due date: Is the date on which the payment is due as per the terms on the invoice/proposal

  • Outstanding Invoice: An invoice is deemed to be outstanding if the payment is still due after 7 days of the expiry of the due date.

  • Debt: Client is provided a further 7 days after late payment fee is applied to pay the invoice.

  • If you are late with a payment or have any queries regarding the Invoice, please contact myself immediately on receiving the invoice or reminder emails.

  • All communications/correspondences are generally done via emails, phone or skype calls. It is client’s responsibility to keep me updated with their relevant email addresses.

  • Any payment relating to the domain name registration renewal or hosting or any 3rd party products or service purchased on behalf of the client will have to be paid in full and is non-refundable. In case of all renewal cancellations, I must be notified at least 30 days before the renewal date.

  • I generally build and tests the websites/applications on my own servers or hosted domains. The website/application will be transferred-off to the nominated 3rd party server upon full payment of all invoices and dues.

Disputes & Liabilities

  • In an event of a dispute, I reserve the right to charge the client in full for the work done as well as for the resources spent in managing the dispute. In such an event, I reserve the right to charge the client without honoring any discounts that were previously honored in good faith. Under no circumstances will I be liable for any damages arising from misrepresentation or misinformation.

  • I reserve the right to refuse service to any client, if these are not aligned with my business operating principles and policies.

  • I provide my services as is, without any guarantees on security or other issues leading to loss of data, sale or reputation. I ensure to the best of our ability that my systems and servers are protected from hackers, viruses, intruders and other online and offline problems, however I will not be held liable for any disruption of services if such situation arises.

  • My relationship with my suppliers, partners and sub-contractors is of an independent nature. None of the parties have any power, right or authority to interfere or bind the other or assume or create any obligation or responsibility, whether expressed or implied, on behalf of the other or in the other’s name.

  • I will not be liable for any breach of the agreement which is caused by a matter beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to Act of God, fire, lightning, explosion, war, disorder, flood, earth quake, industrial disputes (whether or not involving their employees), extremely severe weather, or acts of local or central government or other competent authorities.


  • Hosting is an annual charge which must be paid in advance for the whole year. Except if the client is under one of my bespoke packages.

  • It is my responsibility to inform the client of when their website payments need to be made. It is the clients the responsibility to make these payments before the allotted date.

  • All renewals must be paid by seven working days prior to the expiry date. I will not be responsible for issues relating to delayed payment.

  • Website hosting(s) are on shared and non-shared servers hosted via third party providers. I ensure best to my ability that my systems and servers are protected from hackers, viruses, intruders and other online and offline problems, however I will not be held liable for any disruption of services if such a situation arises.


  • All emails are to be downloaded on the client’s computer periodically. Email boxes must be kept within their quota limits. Periodical maintenance may be carried out on the email box and emails older than 6 months are deleted.

  • Client’s must not use the email hosting for inappropriate content and other undesired emails which can result in spamming or infecting the server.

  • I offer packages in co-ordination with third party providers. Changes to the third party provider’s rules and policies may ultimately effect the services we provide or the terms and conditions herein.


  • All domain registrations and renewals are to be paid in advance.

  • Expiration of a domain can result in service disruption and loss of domain.

  • I will not be responsible if a domain expires due to non-payment / late payment of the charges. All payments must be made by seven working days before the expiry date.

  • I offer packages in co-ordination with third party providers. Changes to the third party provider’s rules and policies may ultimately effect the services I provide or the terms and conditions herein.

Intellectual Property

  • All content of this website is a property of myself unless otherwise specified. I reserve the right to change the content or policies without any prior notice.

  • The project related copyrights can be transferred to the client after the full payment of the project and upon signing the Certificate of Acceptance. I reserve the rights to refuse the transfer of ownership if irregular circumstances arise.

  • Copyrights handed over to the client do not include rights to re-use the code for another website or re-sell the programming codes for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.