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Recent project breakdown: Casino Steward

23rd August 2018

For the last 8 weeks, I’ve been working closely with a start-up in the affiliate gaming industry who wanted to develop a creative brand and a highly-functioning website to promote certain online casinos to their visitors! This was certainly one of my biggest projects to date and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This week marks the launch of Casino Steward, a website which has all the core components for massive future success!

Casino Steward recent web development project by

It all started with a character!

Working with the name Casino Steward and the theme of prestigious entertainment, I created a logo, a colour scheme and a brand which was light-hearted, loud and fun. At its core was an illustrated character called Simon, who would serve as the face of the company and would guide visitors through the website.

Logo and branding assets for designed by Jason Baldacchino Business cards for designed by Jason Baldacchino T-Shirt design for!

A unique approach

I wanted the visuals and user experience to be unique because the affiliate gaming space is highly competitive. Well, I noticed from my research that many competitors were using a similar style which I chose to deviate away from… Instead, I opted for some subtle background elements, custom SVG icons and contrasting curves to emphasise the bold call-to-actions and the compelling themed copy (text).

Part of Casino Steward's homepage!

A rich backend functionality

The nature of these websites is such that they need a simplified functional back end for uploading masses of information (which for CS would be long lists of casinos) with various customisable fields. For this, I harnessed my two favourite WordPress plugins, ACF and CPT UI to create a very accessible system for inputting content on the client-side. The whole website is dynamic, responsive and pixel perfect in its positioning and layout. It feels clean and there is a natural flow for the visitor.


Approaching this project, I was faced with a new challenge to solve. The website needed to have an English and German language version, and the framework had to be in place so that we can add Spanish later down the line. Instead of a half-baked auto translation, I meticulously coded every area to account for multi-languages in an accurate way. It’s a nice touch.

The benefits of going custom

The website has been custom coded in a light-weight fashion and this is reflected in the insane speed metrics and Google mobile-friendliness score. This, coupled with relevant and compelling text is going to work wonders for SEO!

The Casino Steward website loads in half a second!

Tests conducted by, average speed over five tests from Swedish server was 589ms.

Here's what Casino Steward had to say about my work!

Project type: branding, design, WordPress development, backend and SEO.

"Jason is the best to work with and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The website was made from scratch and he did everything from A-Z. Whether it was branding, coming up with a mascot/logo for our brand, optimizing code to make sure loading times are lightning fast, search engine optimization and anything else you can think of that is needed when creating a site, he did it in a short time span. I could tell he was really invested and wants the projects he does to do well once they go live. Anything web-related I need in the future, he will be my go-to man! 5* easily."

I stand humbled and I can’t wait to see this company grow this year! Thanks guys, always here to help!

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