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Recent project breakdown: SUP Yoga & Fitness Malta

20th July 2018

A local Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga business contacted me for assistance with their brand and website: they essentially wanted to re-work some of their marketing assets in order to increase the number of customers who were attending their classes in the busy hotter months! I was happy to help out and I knew exactly how to begin. Here's how it went down...

SUP Yoga & Fitness Malta logo

Some small issues from their previous website that needed solving

Taking on this project, I learned that the old website was on a dated CMS (Content Management System) that made updates and functionality changes near enough impossible. I would have to redesign this from the ground up using WordPress to provide more flexible options for the company. The second issue encountered was that prior to accepting the project, I discovered that the website had recently experienced a big Google Search ranking hit due to some back-end file location changes which essentially wiped the organic ranking and meant that SEO wise: I would be starting from the ground up.

Implementing the solution!

To tackle these problems, I designed and built a website which was user-friendly, responsive and really promoted the lifestyle aspect of the sport through a bold colour scheme, striking images and engaging copy (sales-text). The SEO rank quickly recovered post-launch and the important keywords have now reached page #1 as of July.

Check out some screen shots from the website!

SUP Yoga & Fitness Malta website homepage banner Bold striking footer call-to-actions to increase conversions,

To the team at SUP Yoga & Fitness, I wish you plenty of success in the future (and lots of good weather!) - I am here to help out however I can.

Jason Baldacchino Malta based freelance web developer

I am a web designer and branding specialist living in Malta for the last two years. I help businesses improve their digital presence and land more conversions through their websites. In my free time, I study Latin and Ancient Greek at the University of Malta. If you have anything you want to talk to me about, get in touch, I'd love to speak with you!